Crew Length Red Toe Socks with silicone over toes in between fabric layers , for antifungal nail barrier and extra toe cushion



  • Out shell: 72% cotton, 23% polyester, 5% spandex.
  • Inner shell: 46% cotton, 49% polyester (16% of polyester is infused with copper), 5% spandex.

Cotton socks with silicone over toes for antifungal nail barrier and extra toe cushion, silicone infused with eucalyptus and tea tree oil, imbedded in two layers of fabric, inner fabric layer is copper infused for antibacterial property, silicone sock have therapeutic arch compression ( and calf compression for business/ bowling and skiing styles)



Therapeutic silicone socks developed by USA foot doctor 👩‍⚕️/podiatrist, international patent pending.

A) Silicone over toes embedded into two layers of sock fabric and infused with eucalyptus and tea tree oil for added moisturizing, aromatherapy and untifungal toenails effect

B) cushion for painful bunions and hummertoes/curlie toes, thus preventing painful blisters and wounds as well as provide barrier for fungus transfer from shoes to toenails and back, thus prevents cross contamination during treatment and recurrent fungal reinfection from previously infected shoes.

C) Arch support compressive band, target arch cushioning and comfort, adding non-slip effect.

D) No-slip cuff compression is comfortable and non-restrictive for maximum mobility, gradual cuff compression 15-20 mmHg help prevent leg and foot pain, boost circulation.

E) Copper infused inner sock layer prevents moisture entrapment and excessive sweating, provide untifungal properties.

F) Flat toe seams reduce irritation.

G) Silicone cup over toes infused with Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil.

H) Machine wash and dry on low temperatures, do not dry clean .

Guardian Gel Socks

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M (Women’s 10-13/Men’s 9,5-16), W (Women’s 4-10 /Men’s 6-9)